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• Really putting a CAD system through its paces within a live demo environment is an
ideal way of evaluating how it performs in your business, with your unique products,
people, processes and requirements. Do this with your top ranked 2 or 3 CAD software
titles. Note the results, key observations and answers to questions. Finally compare, rate
and rank them.
• At the end of this process you should have selected the CAD system most suitable for
you. What's more, the thoroughness of the process proves you've made the right choice
by verifying your decision.
If there is one final point to take away, it is you simply cannot over-emphasise the im-
portance of selecting the CAD system based on the needs of your business.
The functionality offered by modern 3D CAD packages is staggering - and their sales guys
will surely tell you this. However many features probably will simply not be necessary for
your needs. As such don't get sucked into paying for modules you probably won't need or
use. Carefully think through your requirements and ensure all are clear, before making a
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