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• Manufacturing and production advantages
• Technical illustration advantages
Tailor these examples to your unique business circumstances. Specifically mention your
products, your costs, your departments and employees, together with your suppliers. As
ever, quantify wherever possible . Use known factual examples, figures and amounts
where 3D CAD could have assisted if you had possessed it during development. Estimate
as closely as possible where you don't have exact figures, perhaps using past examples.
Importantly, if there are product development projects or manufacturing engineering activ-
ities scheduled in the future, clearly identify how any of the 3D advantages listed in earlier
sections could make a real difference. Another idea is to do some online research for case
studies where comparable businesses to yours, have made the 3D CAD leap or completely
integrated it into the way they work, and subsequently have fully reaped the benefits. CAD
software websites may include further examples.
Consider approaching 3D CAD suppliers for their experience in convincing senior
management teams. They will have seen it achieved countless times, some of which may
be with businesses similar to yours. Tap into these experiences to build a case unique to
your business.
The whole idea is to personalise the justification you set out, such that those making the
final decision quickly visually 3D CAD working and fully integrated in your business.
Alongside this, quantifying improvements is also important. Examples include money and
time saved, together with quality improvements (for example reducing the number of de-
fects, which are often measured by the quantity of engineering change requests). Realistic
facts and figures are crucial for adding to the credibility of your case. Ultimately, aim to
make it very difficult for senior managers to say no. Anybody refusing should have to
refute the strong commercial and technical reasons you put forward. Make it your business
to make this nearly impossible.
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