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The Importance of Tailoring the 3D CAD Justification to Your
Specific Business: Quantify wherever Possible
When building the case for why your business should invest in 3D CAD software or altern-
atively, expand the number of CAD seats you use, you really want to be as credible and
convincing as possible. It may be the last chance you get to make the case to senior man-
agers for a couple of years. If you are ill-prepared and they say no, this may represent a lost
opportunity for the business, as well as for you personally. Remember the skills are highly
sought after and significantly enhance your employability.
Start with your business's high level objectives. Review the 'Senior Management Backing
and Alignment to Business Objectives' section. Can you identify how the CAD benefits lis-
ted above (in the 'Why 3D CAD? Investment justification for Small Manufacturers: Key
Business Drivers for Adopting 3D CAD' section), can directly be linked to assisting these
aims as specifically as possible. In addition, look at the benefits listed in the 'Commercial
and Productivity Advantages' section. Try to quantify, by estimating as best you can. Costs
reduced, time saved, products rolled out etc.
To strengthen your case, demolish any argument as to why it isn't for your company, by
reviewing the 'Perceived Barriers - Why Small Manufacturers are Reluctant to Adopt 3D
CAD?' section and identifying reasons why it is definitely possible, extremely desirable and
ultimately a path many small manufacturers have already taken, on the way to reaping sig-
nificant benefits.
To add further substantial weight to your justification, consider recent products you have de-
veloped or existing ones you have customised. Alternatively, think about manufacturing en-
gineering modifications you've had to implement in production, for example jigs, fixtures,
fittings etc. Now look at the extensive list of advantages in the 'Significant Benefits of 3D
CAD and Digital Engineering' section. This covers numerous benefits that apply at different
stages of the product development process. Groups of advantages include:
• Commercial and productivity advantages
• Design development advantages
• Analysis and virtual simulation advantages
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