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I've used 2D Drawings for Years - I've No Need for 3D CAD
Firstly past results are no guarantee of future success. In just about all industry sectors com-
petition is becoming fiercer and this is happening at an ever faster rate. A tough economic
environment, coupled with rising energy and material costs, together with global competi-
tion and low cost entrants, make for very tough trading conditions. What's more, the trend
seems to be all one way. Once upon a time, it was the most progressive manufacturers who
adopted these technologies, now businesses are striving for competitive advantage just to
survive. They are accepting the evidence, innovating and modernising. The smart ones are
increasing their awareness, learning from others, adopting new ideas and improved the way
they do things; to ensure they are still trading this time next year. Sticking your head in the
sand frankly is not an option. Countless businesses and indeed whole industry sectors simply
are not there anymore, basically because they didn't innovate, move with the times and be-
come more competitive. Don't let your business join that list.
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