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Yes, but our products are too simple to benefit from 3D CAD?
Some manufacturers commonly believe their products are so simple they really don't need
3D CAD. They claim 2D drawings are good enough. However, the problem with this think-
ing is the full potential of 3D CAD data all the way through the development and manu-
facturing process is lost. It is these through-life benefits, listed earlier, which give you com-
mercial advantage (and quickly provide a return on investment if you are initially worried
about the outlay). Additionally, just because products have been simple until now, it may
be unwise to limit yourself looking forward. Future client demands may request something
customised, perhaps something more complicated where 3D CAD is better suited because
of its advantages.
Even items which appear rudimentary, like simple flat sheet metal parts, lend themselves to
3D data. For example, they can be quickly uploaded onto CNC punches and laser cutting
equipment. What's more, design integrity and dimensional accuracy remain intact. Addition-
ally, nobody has to re-programme machines, therefore eliminating the potential to introduce
mistakes, together with the time this takes.
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