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The Cost of 3D CAD
Whereas once upon a time the cost of a 3D CAD seat was difficult to justify for small man-
ufacturers, this really isn't the case anymore. Did you know you can access entry level 3D
CAD downloads for free? Alternatively, there are free 3D CAD viewers enabling you to
view CAD files, mark them up, add notes, take measurements, etc. Likewise, low cost, lim-
ited functionally 3D CAD software is widely available. Even the best known vendors (com-
monly seen as 'the standard' in some industry sectors), supply trial versions and student
editions. Investigate some of these starting with online searches. This 'try before you buy'
approach may assist you ultimately make the leap and invest in a CAD seat or two - and it
really is an investment that should pay massive dividends if exploited fully.
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