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3D CAD enables complicated components to be accurately designed and brought together
as assemblies. Moving parts can be tested to ensure there are no clashes. Also fits and toler-
ances can be checked. Finally, analysis and testing can be conducted digitally to prove-out
the design and so move the product towards meeting its performance requirements. Simu-
lation and analysis available to engineers include stress, strain, vibration, thermal and fluid
flow testing. Ultimately, all of this provides you with a better quality product, which func-
tions well and is fit for purpose. From a manufacturing perspective, CAD/CAM enables you
to simulate tool paths and run times. Checking in this way enables you to minimise and
hopefully eliminate defects and scrap. Any manufacturer who has suffered from multiple
engineering design changes, or scrap components as production is refined, together with the
downtime and frustration all this causes, will benefit from the potential that 3D CAD offers.
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