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Senior Management Backing and Alignment to Business
OK, so clearly 3D CAD Engineering has significant benefits for all aspects of small manu-
facturing businesses. However in order to make the investment in software and training, it
is vital to obtain senior management commitment. Whereas technical benefits are well doc-
umented, it is crucial any investment decision is aligned to the objectives of the business.
What are the objectives, aims and circumstances of your business that 3D CAD Engineering
could make a solid contribution to?
Do any of the following small business objectives resonate?
• Do you aim to slash product development cycle times by a certain percentage?
• Do you want to launch a number of products on the market by a given date?
• Do you wish to modernise and professionalise your product development process with
the adoption of new technology?
• Do you aim to offer increasingly customised products with a greater number of variants?
Are more complicated high-end products required by your customers?
• Do you want to dramatically reduce mistakes and waste, moving towards a 'right first
time' design process?
Try and quantify any of these as much as you can.
3D CAD Engineering can make a direct and significant contribution to all these objectives.
Be sure to adopt this technology for strong commercial, as well as technical reasons.
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