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Technical Illustration Advantages - Communication, Marketing
and Aftersales Benefits
• 3D CAD enables 2D views and technical drawings to be rapidly produced from any
angle - both for assemblies and parts.
• Additionally, illustrations can be produced for cutaway and exploded views, as well as
wireframe images. Also views can be generated where specific parts are highlighted and
everything else is greyed out or appears translucent. These all provide options for user
manuals, instructions and publications .
Photo-realistic rendering also offers high-impact visuals for sales brochures, web-pub-
lishing, advertising and market research, long before the product has been produced.
Manufacturing and assembly instructions can be rapidly produced with annotated
notes describing components and their fitting sequence. Additionally exploded drawings
fulfil this purpose.
• 3D CAD models can be animated to graphically illustrate how an assembly works or
goes together. This striking moving illustration can be used for marketing and promo-
tional purposes or to obtain commitment from backers or managers.
• Alternatively animation can be used to train for assembly and fitting sequences. This is
ideal for new recruits and for quickly retraining existing employees, therefore aiding the
flexibility of your workforce.
• Non-technical individuals can quickly understand a 3D model in the way they cannot for
2D technical drawings. They may include commercial backers, finance, senior managers
and potential customers.
• Rendered images or animations can be used to professionally illustrate concepts to cli-
ents and suppliers globally. They also work well for design reviews for feedback and ap-
proval, as well as for seeking professional advice on intellectual property.
• Technical illustrations, images and diagrams can be used by those involved in install-
ation, commissioning and maintenance as 3D CAD images are clear and easy to un-
derstand. Likewise, software packages provide guidance to make it quick and convenient
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