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Quicker design cycle as 3D modelling allows assemblies to be constructed rapidly from
individual parts. Additionally, 2D drawings can be quickly produced from 3D models. To
illustrate this, pick a component and simply compare the time taken to draw all 2D ortho-
graphic views versus 3D modelling the same item. If you are paying somebody by the day
(for example a contractor's day-rate) the difference soon adds up.
• Faster development time provides the basis to get products to market quicker and
therefore respond to and beat the competition. This generates higher margins.
Greater productivity ; Individual design engineers produce more per-day. They also
contribute directly to a number of stages of the development and manufacturing process.
Geographically dispersed design teams can work on CAD data at the same time, ex-
changing files when necessary and concurrently completing more work.
Greater design accuracy and better quality. Fewer mistakes help avoid all the prob-
lems associated with resolving defects on the shop floor, such as hassle, inconvenience,
wasted time and the associated costs. How much waste and scrap is the result of inaccur-
ate dimensional information in your business?
More efficient product design , as CAD data generated once can be used throughout the
product development process and indeed further on through the product life-cycle. Addi-
tionally this discourages duplication of effort.
• The speed at which design modifications can be made in 3D CAD, provides the ability
to respond to urgent client requests and customisations , for which the business can
and should charge a premium.
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