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Basic Colors
The following color units ( <color> ) define several different ways to
designate solid colors and can be used for properties like text color ,
background-color , and border-color .
#rrggbb or #rgb
In hexadecimal notation, colors are represented by three sets of hexadec-
imal values (base-16), with the first set representing the red ( r ) value, the
second representing the green ( g ) value, and the next representing the
blue ( b ) value based on how displays add light to create the colors you
see. A value of #000000 represents no light (black), #ffffff represents
the most light (white), and #ff0000 represents only red light (bright red).
body { background-color: #999 ; } /* middle gray */
#rgb is a shorthand for #rrggbb , which is available to use when the two
r characters match, the two g characters match, and the two b characters
match ( #a3b is equivalent to #aa33bb ).
You can also define RGB colors using decimal notation (sometimes called
functional notation ) along the same 256-step range (0 to 255) that the
hexadecimal values represented. Each value can also be defined as a
percentage of that 256-step range.
body { background-color: rgb(153,153,153) ; } /* middle
gray */
body { background-color: rgb(60%,60%,60%) ; } /* middle
gray */
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