HTML and CSS Reference
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of elements between the ancestor and descendant does not matter. As
a result, the following selector will match all elements inside the docu-
ment body:
body * {}
E>F (Child Combinator)
The child selector describes an element (F) that is the child (or direct
descendant) of another element (E).
ul > li { font-family: san-serif; }
ol > li { font-family: monospace; }
Here, list items that are direct children of an unordered list tag will be
in a sans-serif font, and those that are direct children of an ordered list
will be fixed-width.
E+F (Adjacent Sibling Combinator)
The adjacent sibling combinatory matches elements (F) that come
directly after other elements (E) and share the same parent element.
h1 + p { font-size: 1.2em }
This example will select all paragraphs that come directly after an <h1>
tag and apply an increased font size.
E~F (General Sibling Combinator)
With this selector, the element (F) is selected if it appears at some point
after its sibling element (E).
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