HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
E (Type Selectors)
The type selector selects an element by its type.
h1 {} /* selects all h1 elements */
form {} /* selects all form elements */
* (Universal Selector)
The universal selector matches any element type in the document. It is
implied if there is a sequence of other simple selectors and no specific
type selector is present.
* {} /* selects all elements in a document */
*.thumb {} /* selects all elements with class thumb
[see Class Selector below] */
.thumb {} /* same as previous, * is implied */
#id (ID Selector)
The ID selector matches any element with the specified value as its ID
#header {} /* selects the element with the ID of header */
*#header {} /* same as previous */
div#footer {} /* selects the div element with class footer */
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