HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 2.3
YUI A-grade
browser matrix.
This specific categorization works for the YUI developers but may not for
you. Therefore, the following is a rough outline of the designations I have
found to work for large commercial projects.
A-Grade Browsers
A-grade browsers represent the target platforms when deciding how to
implement a site and what CSS tools and other technologies you can
comfortably use. Browsers such as Firefox 3, Safari 4, and IE7 find their
way into this classification based on their capabilities or the size of their
user base.
B-Grade Browsers
B-grade browsers may be older versions of common browsers or current
versions of browsers on uncommon operating systems or devices. These
browsers may, but are not expected to, be able to display some CSS2 or
CSS3 features or JavaScript tricks. However, the pages you build should
still be tested in these browsers to make sure they are fully functional,
they are accessible, your branding message comes across, and they don't
appear to look “broken.”
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