HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
User Settings
In addition to a browser's baseline list of styles that it applies to HTML
elements, most browsers allow users to customize a few style properties
to make reading and interacting with web sites easier ( Figure 2.1 ).
Figure 2.1
Preferences dialog
box in Opera 10.54
for OS X.
Through a browser's preferences, users can often set whether their
browser supports images, the base font size and font family it uses,
and the behavior of certain features such as links.
User Style Sheets
Being able to control font sizes and colors is only the beginning. Many
browsers offer the ability to go beyond the preference dialog boxes and
allow a CSS file to be loaded and applied after the base browser style
sheets and before the styles dictated by the Web. This user style sheet
can contain any and all of the same rules that you might use to design
a web page.
Tools such as the Stylish Firefox extension ( ) provide
users who don't know CSS with sample style sheets and an easy way
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