HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
* 4b. Article Page Content
* 5. Footer Content Styles
To distinguish sections of the document such as marking where the
layout grid is specified or where the styles for forms are located, use a
one- or two-line comment that catches the eye when you run through
the document.
/* ******* Footer Content Styles ******* */
To comment on a CSS rule, place a comment on the line before the rule.
/* make link big and colorful */
div.newsletterSignup a {
font-size: 2em;
color: pink;
To comment on an individual property or value, place a comment after
the declaration or on the line before it.
article {
min-width: 500px; /* wide enough for image content */
Arrangement of Selectors
Comments aren't the only way to help make large amounts of CSS code
easier to read, scan, and maintain. Coding conventions for formatting the
appearance CSS rules and code organization of those rules are another
key aid.
Whitespace surrounding rules and the indentation (or not) of rules
and individual declarations should be consistent. There are two
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