HTML and CSS Reference
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/* for Firefox */
-moz-border-image-slice: 30 / 30px 15px;
/* for Safari and Chrome */
-webkit-border-image-slice: 30 / 30px 15px;
/* W3C specs */
border-image-slice: 30 / 30px 15px;
The border width behavior of border-image-slice allows you to set
one width for browsers that only understand the traditional border
properties and alter the size for those that understand border-image .
The border-image-repeat property defines how the slices of the border
image fill the flexible space on the side borders and middle portion of
the border area. You can use one or two of the following keywords:
stretch : The image slice is scaled to fit the available space, without
repeating (default).
repeat : The image slice is not scaled but tiled to fill the available
space. As a result, the image may appear cropped on some edges.
round : The image slice is tiled; however, only whole images are used.
The tiles are then scaled evenly to fill the remaining space.
If only one keyword is provided, it is applied to both the borders and the
center section.
border-image (Shorthand)
The shorthand border-image accepts the previous three subproper-
ties, as well as the additional properties of border-image-width
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