HTML and CSS Reference
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<div class="two">
Box with a inset shadow with a large blur
Figure 14.2
Example of an
inset box shadow
without and with
a blur radius.
The box-shadow property is supported now in Firefox 3.5+, Safari 3.0+,
Chrome 1+, Opera 10.5+, and Internet Explorer 9+. Safari 5+ and Chrome
4+ offer full support of the box-shadow definitions, but older versions
don't support the inset keyword. See my blog post at http://placename for more information on creating a cross-browser
drop shadow using both the box-shadow property and the proprietary IE
filter extension to apply a similar shadow in IE6 through IE8.
The background-size Property
Through CSS 2.1, background images were displayed at their default/
inherent size. If you wanted to have an image behind an element be
the fill size of the element, you would either have to make sure the size
of the image and the element matched or have to use some trickery to
place the image in a <div> positioned and sized to the content element
but with a lower z-index value.
But now images can be scaled or resized using the background-size
property that accepts two values: the first for the horizontal sizing and
the second for the vertical sizing (if one value is given, the second is
assumed to be auto ).
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