HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The goal of IE7.js ( ) is to make Internet
Explorer 5.5 and 6 behave like and support the features of Internet
Explorer 7. This includes fixing some HTML and CSS bugs as well as
adding support for alpha-transparent PNG images. This may seem like a
baby step, but if IE7 is among your target browser matrix and your code
is already stable there, you may not need to do more than this to get IE6
in line.
IE8.js and IE9.js scripts are also part of the project, by Dean Edwards,
providing similar version bridging support (to match IE8 and IE9,
Keith Clark's ie-css3.js ( ) is an example of a project
that aims to add missing selector support ( ::first-child , ::nth-child() ,
[attr] , and so on) to Internet Explorer 6 through 8. It remains lightweight
by leveraging other JavaScript libraries already included in the document,
such as jQuery or MooTools, that have selector tools.
Aaron Gustafson's eCSStender ( provides a flexible
framework for all browsers for fixing browser bugs or lack of support as
well as helping navigate the tangle of vendor extension usage in more
modern browsers. Extensions are available that add support for CSS3
features such as transitions, transforms, and rgba() / hsla() colors in
older browsers.
Unlike the previous libraries mentioned, Modernizr ( http://www ) does not itself add support for any missing feature
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