HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Eric Meyer's Reset
Eric Meyer's Reset ( )
is widely used and can be found at the core of many larger projects
including some of the frameworks discussed later in this chapter.
YUI Library CSS Reset
The YUI Library CSS Reset ( )
is similar but handles a few properties differently, including applying
foreground and background colors. It is available to link to directly from
Yahoo!'s servers, which can help with download speed and caching.
HTML5 Reset
The HTML5 Reset from Richard Clark (
-stylesheet/ ) builds on the Eric Meyer's Reset and makes some modifica-
tions to sync with new or deprecated elements in the HTML5 specification.
Why Not Reset?
There are two strong arguments against resetting.
Resets can be a blunt instrument. A rule such as * { margin: 0; padding:
0; } may have undesirable effects on form elements. On the flip side,
explicitly picking a list of elements may mean some elements (old
deprecated elements such as <center> or new HTML elements such as
<article> ) slip through the cracks.
Not resetting in the first place means not having to re-create common
styles like those for emphasis, list indentation, and bullets that were
already set by the browser. Also, edge cases or little-used HTML elements
( <dl> , <cite> , <legend> ) and markup patterns ( <ul> in a <blockquote> )
must be tested to make sure that content added to the site later is prop-
erly styled.
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