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A few behaviors of separated borders can be seen in Figure 10.4 that
make them behave similar to the traditional HTML table rendering:
In the column on the left, the cells with the narrow border have been
adjusted to fit the display of the element with the larger border.
The border declared on the tr element is ignored.
The table's background is drawn in the spaces between the cell borders.
Figure 10.5 is an example of the previous table with border-collapse
set to collapse and demonstrates the following changes that take place
under the collapsing border model that make the table behave more simi-
larly to a typical spreadsheet found in Excel, Numbers, or other software:
One border is drawn between each cell, rather than a distinct border
around each cell.
Borders may be applied to any of the parts of a table including thead ,
tbody , and tr elements.
When elements with different border-width , border-style , or
border-color properties touch, they aren't both drawn; instead,
one of the styles is chosen by the browser.
The border-spacing property is ignored.
Figure 10.5
A table's
layout with
set to collapse .
border (tr)
border (table)
border (td)
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