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The line-height property defines the height of each line of text (line
box). Leading, or vertical spacing between each line, is created by specify-
ing a line-height that is larger than the content height ( font-size ).
normal : A reasonable default value specified by the browser;
commonly 1.2
<number> : A numeric multiplier applied to the font size to calculate the
<length> : A specific length value
<percentage> : A percentage of the element's font-size
font (Shorthand)
The font shorthand property allows for assigning the indi-
vidual font properties ( font-style , font-variant , font-weight ,
font-size/line-height , font-family ) in the same place. Note that
although most shorthand properties allow for individual property values
to be left out and assume the default or inherited value, at minimum
font-size and font-family must be declared. Also, the value of the
line-height property must be paired with the font-size value in the
format of font-size/line-height , such as 1.2em/1.4 .
body { font: normal normal normal 20px/1.2em sans-serif; }
/* italic small-caps bold 80px/80px Georgia, serif; */
body>h1 { font: italic small-caps bold 4em/1 Georgia, serif; }
/* normal, normal, 400, 40px/47.3px, Arial, sans-serif */
body>h2 { font: normal 2em Arial, sans-serif; }
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