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The font-weight property controls the weight, or thickness, of the char-
acters in a font.
normal | bold : Keywords representing normal weight type (default)
and bolded type
bolder | lighter : Sets a weight relative to the weight inherited from
the parent element
100 to 900 : A nine-step scale, in increments of 100, ranging from thin
(100) to black (900)
Though a nine-step scale for font weights is defined, browsers typi-
cally display only two distinct steps—normal (400) and bold (700).
Some typefaces are designed with several variant character sets, includ-
ing a set of small caps shapes. The font-variant allows selection of this
alternate set of characters.
normal : Selects the normal variant of a font face (default).
small-caps : Selects the small caps variant of a font face. If none exists,
small caps are simulated.
The style of the font is declared using the font-style property.
normal : Normal, upright, type (default).
italic : Italicized type.
oblique : Oblique type. If no oblique style is provided for a typeface,
italic may be used.
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