HTML and CSS Reference
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useful as a debugging tool—they will highlight an item without shifting
its position.
Outline properties are similar to border properties, with the exception
that they do not have separate definitions for each of the four sides.
The color of the outline.
Uses the same style keywords as border does, with the addition of the
keyword auto , which is mapped to a device default outline style (or
solid ).
The width of the outline.
outline (Shorthand)
The outline shorthand property accepts up to three values representing
outline-width , outline-style , and outline-color :
:focus {
outline: 3px auto blue;
Faking Rounded Corners
The border-radius property has growing support with every new
browser update, but sometimes design or branding elements are not
optional, and you have to find other ways to create the appearance
of rounded corners. Clever use of background images can be a way of
re-creating the rounded corner look.
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