HTML and CSS Reference
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In most situations, it is suggested you set a background color even if it
will be covered by a background image. A slow or bad connection can
sometimes mean an image doesn't load or content can become too large for the
area covered by a nontiling image. Choose a background color that is sampled
from the image or pattern used to maintain the desired readability and visual
contrast between the content and the background.
The tiling of background images is set with the background-repeat
property. The following keywords are the most commonly used values:
repeat : The image tiles in both directions (default).
repeat-x : The image tiles in the horizontal direction.
repeat-y : The image tiles in the vertical direction.
no-repeat : The image does not repeat.
The background-attachment property defines how a background posi-
tion is determined.
scroll : The background is fixed with respect to the specific element
and scrolls along with it in the document. (This is the default.)
fixed : The background is fixed with respect to the viewport and does
not scroll with the element; it appears only when that element is
“over” its position in the viewport.
The background-position property specifies the position of the back-
ground image (or the positioning of the first background-image tile when
repeating) given as a set of two values: horizontal and then vertical.
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