HTML and CSS Reference
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<img src="images/3.png" width="67" height="67"
alt="3" />
<p>Here is some text associated with the third list
You can set the clear property to left or both on the <li> element, as
shown in Figure 6.11 , to make sure that for each new item nothing from
the previous item interferes.
Figure 6.11
used to stop the
previous floats
before each new
li {
border: 1px solid #000;
clear: left;
The CSS 2.1 Specification has some quite detailed and sometimes
difficult-to-understand text explanations of the interaction
of floated elements, margins, padding , and clear . It also has a number of
easy-to-understand and useful illustrations (
CR-CSS2-20090908/visuren.html#floats ).
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