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Debugging error messages
When you run your piece of code and you get descriptive error messages then it helps to fix
your code. Error messages occur when the compiler finds problems with your code in com-
piling. The more sophisticated your development environment, the better and descriptive er-
ror message you will get. Thus it is important for you to have a good IDE. For example, if
you have installed JRE (Java Runtime Environment) then you can compile your code. But
you will not get descriptive error message in case your code is having compiling problems.
In contrast if you have installed JDK (Java Development Kit) on your machine and during
compiling you get errors then you will get good descriptive error messages. Development
kits like JDK provide extensive compiling error messages which is a definite plus for soft-
ware development. You can fix your errors quickly by referring to these error messages and
thus save a lot of time. On the other hand if you do not get good error messages then it be-
comes extremely difficult to find out the exact location of the problem in your code.
When you are developing a web based database application then your programming lan-
guage environment, the application server as well as the database server is involved. This
becomes a complex environment. Debugging your application can become extremely dif-
ficult because it will become difficult to find out if the problem area belongs to compiling
for your language environment or the application server or the database server. Descriptive
error messages thus become extremely important.
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