Java Reference
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Operators are used to perform computation on variables or a set of variables. The most com-
mon operator is the assign operator. You assign a value to a variable using this operator. In
Java it is denoted as “=” (equal sign). This equal sign is not the same as it is used in Mathem-
atics. In Java the operator for equal is := =”. But most other operator do the same thing in
programming as they do in Mathematics. Some special operators are also created by carious
programming languages.
In the section on variables we have already seen the assign operator “=”.
Let us see some operators which are used in Java.
Table 1.1: Java operators
Operator description
Additive operator
Subtraction operator
Multiplication operator
Division operator
Reminder operator
Greater than
Less than
Equal to
Greater than or equal to
Less than or equal to
logical OR
logical AND
bitwise inclusive OR
bitwise exclusive OR
Bitwise AND
== !=
< > <= >= instanceof
<< >> >>>
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