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Programming language basics
Programming language is a very structured language. It is the last language which humans
can read and understand before computers come into picture. Computer programs made of
programming languages are compiled which will turn the programming language to byte
code which a computer can understand.
As you may know byte code consists of just 0s and 1s. Everything written in a computer
program turns into these 0s and 1s after compilation. Reading and understanding byte codes
is not possible by humans. It is because each word in byte code will be too long to read and
write by any human.
Even the programming languages are difficult to understand by humans. But at least after
some effort; humans can learn them and use them in writing computer programs. As you
can see in Figure 1.1 humans can understand both natural languages as well as programming
languages. But as depicted in Figure 1.2, computers understand only byte codes.
Figure 1.1: Humans can understand natural languages as well as programming languages
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