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Object oriented programming
The foundation of object oriented programming languages are the objects. Objects are cre-
ated in the computer software product when they run (the byte code is executed). These vir-
tual objects are supposed to behave in the same manner as real objects in the world. When
you run a computer software program, you are creating these objects. These objects interact
with each other to give you desired output. For example when you want to do shopping on
a website then a shopping cart object is created. This virtual shopping cart behaves exactly
as a real shopping cart behaves. You browse the web store like you browse a real brick and
mortar store. You look and see things in the web store in the same manner you do in a brick
and mortar store. You pick some merchandise and put it in your virtual shopping cart ex-
actly as you do with a real world shopping cart. When you find a better merchandize then
you remove the earlier merchandise from your virtual shopping cart exactly in the same way
you do with your real world shopping cart. Finally when you check out at the point of sale
counter, you pay exactly as you do in the real world.
You can do same things with procedural programming languages as with any object oriented
programming language. However object oriented programming languages have become
very powerful compared to procedural programming languages. They have acquired many
features which procedural programming languages lack. Let me just mention one more thing
here. If you have pre-fabricated building blocks with you then you can construct a building
very fast. But if you do not have these pre-fabricated blocks then it will take more time to
construct the building. Pre-fabricated blocks lead to better finish compared to when you use
wet mortar to construct a building. If you compare procedural programming languages and
object oriented programming languages you will find this analogy true. Object oriented pro-
gramming languages have now well defined building blocks.
We will learn about object oriented programming using Java and try to learn how to build
software products using this technology.
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