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Software programming and design is the heart of any software development project. Soft-
ware programming can be done using any old fashioned procedural programming language
like PASCAL, Fortran, Basic etc. or the latest object oriented programming language like
Java, C++, C# etc. There is always a debate as to which programming language provides
best speed. But the reality is that each programming language has its own strengths and
weaknesses and it all depends on what kind of software product you are going to develop.
Java is an object oriented programming language. You create your programs using objects.
These objects become the foundation of your complete software product.
Before you start your programming or design you should think of doing your work in a way
which will help you and your team in making your work streamlined and systematic. This
means what kind of programming style you use and how each programming assignment is
complementary to programming assignment of other team members. If each project team
member works differently then there will be issues in integrating source code.
We will be learning Java programming in a way which is systematic and easy to follow. First
we need to learn programming and designing concepts and then applying those concepts
into solving real world problems. In any case, a programmer's job is to get the design and
requirement specifications and write code so that a software product is built which works as
per specifications of the customer.
We will be covering areas related to understanding what a good software product design and
implementation should be. The ingredients to good design and programming is important to
learn as a good design source code results in better software products with least number of
software bugs.
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