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Command prompt programming
You can also do Java programming without using IDE. If you have installed JDK then your
computer has everything for you to write and compile your Java programs. In this case you
can use the command prompt to compile your source code. Once your code is compiled then
it can run.
You can use any simple editor like Notepad to write your code. You will then save the file as Now using javac (Java compiler) you can compile your code using the command
For new comers this is not a good option. This option is only good for people with lots of
experience. It is because the experienced people know the Java syntax very well. For begin-
ners, it is problem. If you have syntax errors then when you compile your code, you will
have difficulty in fixing the errors. The other thing is that this kind of arrangement is only
good for windows programming. The other drawback is that you can not write large pro-
grams using this method.
IDEs not only provide all the required editors, compilers etc. they also provide an environ-
ment where you get debuggers, application servers, databases all integrated into one place.
So for beginners, IDEs are a better option.
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