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Mick thought about it for a moment before replying: “Good idea and it is actually
also less computationally demanding.”
30 minutes later. “Done, the code is done,” SB said proudly.
“Excellent, I have just arranged for a meeting with the bartender tomorrow night.”
12.5 Postscript
The bartender loved the game developed by SB and Mick, and actually had great
fun playing it himself. His son, however, tried it twice and then announced that it
was stupid and left.
Some months later the bartender, now in a much better mood, had his son with
him in the bar (on a Friday night!). He gently pushed the kid toward SB and Mick,
“So you like the game?” Mick tried.
“No”, he said and a awkward silence occurred. The bartender then stepped for-
ward and explained that his son one day had asked him how the game had known
where his feet were. The bartender had then repeated some of the stuff Mick and SB
explained to him when he asked them a similar question, namely that it was soft-
ware that analyzed the images from the camera. He had continued explaining that
the software was based on math. His son had looked at him with big eyes and said:
“So you are saying that math can actually be used for something in the real world?”
The following day the kid had approached his (very surprised) math teacher and
asked if he knew some of the math that was used in software. The teacher (after
recovering) had asked why, heard the story and smiling told the kid that all aspects of
math are applied in software nowadays. To follow it up, the teacher created a mini-
project for his class where aspects of how math are used in software was the topic.
The students (including the bartender's son) loved it and several “lost” students
(including the bartender's son) picked up a new interest in math. “And this in turn,”
the bartender continued, “has had a positive effect on my son's attitude in school.”
Smiling he looked at his son and said: “well?”
The kid looked a bit shy when addressing Mick and SB: “Thanks.”
SB looked at Mick with his killer smile and said while blinking: “I rest my case.”
“The butterfly effect!”
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