Image Processing Reference
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Fig. 12.3 Left : Standard camera. Center: Standard camera with the infrared filter removed. Right :
Standard camera where a visual-light filter has been inserted instead of the infrared filter
Fig. 12.4 Left : Image of a person's lower body. Right : Same image captured by a camera with
a visual-light filter inserted and with infrared light sent out in a plane elevated a few centimeters
above the floor
a physical piece of material that can be removed and more interesting a new filter
can be inserted. He showed SB Fig. 12.3 to illustrate his point.
The three images are of a scene containing a battery casing to the right, a circuit-
board with an infrared light to the left, and some wires in the middle. The left figure
is captured with a standard camera, where the infrared light is slightly visible. In
the center image the infrared filter has been removed, meaning that there is nothing
to block the infrared light. Finally the image to the right shows the situation when
a visual-light filter is inserted into the camera, meaning that only infrared light is
being captured by the camera.
“Impressive!” SB exclaimed, “so you want to place these infrared light sources
on the feet of the person?”
“No, that would be similar to asking the users to wears colored socks/shoes.”
“Oh, but what then?” SB asked, a bit puzzled.
“The infrared light source can be forced to send light out only in a plane. We do
this and then place a couple of them on the floor. In this way infrared lighting is
only present in a plane a few centimeters above the floor and this is where the feet
are, when they are touching the floor. In the Fig. 12.4 you can see an image with
ordinary lighting and one with my suggestion. Of course this means that no other
objects can be placed on the floor inside the area where the game is played. But I
think that's a reasonable assumption.”
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