Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Visual Effects
In some situations the end goal of video and image processing is not to extract
information, but rather to create some kind of visual effect. Or in other words, just
for the fun of it. This can be done in many different ways, where some are more
interesting than others. In this chapter we present ten different methods for creating
visual effects. The first five are based on manipulation of the actual pixel values and
the last five on geometric transformations. The different effects are illustrated on
one of the two images in Fig. 11.1 .
11.1 Visual Effects Based on Pixel Manipulation
The number of different methods based on manipulating the actual pixel values is
endless, but obviously some have a better effect that others. Below we first focus on
utilizing some of the methods presented in earlier chapters and see how they can be
used to create visual effects. Hereafter, we present two methods based on specific
algorithms developed just for the purpose of creating a visual effect.
Fig. 11.1 Input images for the visual effects
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