Hardware Reference
In-Depth Information
Future growth of the market/products is projected in the following areas: n Smartphones.
With the advent of text messaging, users can send regular short-message service (SMS) or
e-mail on their phones. This leads to an
unprecedented use of smartphones at an almost epidemic level. Nevertheless, the more ad-
vanced these devices become, the more fragile they are. The touch screen on almost all new
smartphone devices is made of glass. One drop and it will crack.
n Tablets. At first glance, many customers may think that tablets are overrated, large-scale
handheld devices. However, the trend to use tablets is quickly growing—growing so fast
that tablet sales may even overtake the sales of laptop computers sometime in the near fu-
ture. Once again, handheld devices such as tablets are designed to be just that—held in
the hand. Humans have a natural tendency to make mistakes, which can lead to dropping
devices or otherwise damaging them.
Our company will try to take advantage of these developments and serve the best interests
of its customers while keeping handheld devices from entering landfills prematurely.
Market Segmentation
NEWCO, LLC will focus on five customer groups, bearing in mind that it is quite custom-
ary today to have more than one cell phone, tablet, and computer per family:
n Children in the age group of ten to seventeen years old
n College students
n Adult general public
n Professionals
n Service organizations and companies that are responsible for large-scale
electronics programs
Competition & Buying Patterns
Brand names are of high importance, and the key to consumer buying decisions is the mar-
keting tactics they are exposed to. As has been pointed out, there are other sellers with ser-
vices similar to those supplied by NEWCO, LLC, and they may even be less expensive. It
is essential to realize that we will build brand reputation and run an honest business. Most
importantly, our services must ultimately be available on a nationwide level to reach this
expansive market.
The need to attract, acquire, leverage, and retain customers remains a primary concern of
business. Revenue growth through customer acquisition and retention is as important a re-
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