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Company Summary
NEWCO, LLC will offer its customers first-class electronic services with twenty-fourhour
turnaround service at excellent prices.
Market demand drives electronics manufacturers and distributors to offer new and im-
proved products to the market. The demand for newer technology with more visual interac-
tion and entertainment is great, and families in the United States are spending a tremendous
amount of their income on said devices. Smartphones have definitely become an important
part of people's lives all over the world. The average phone in the US may be purchased
under a subsidized plan through a cell-phone carrier, with a prohibitively expensive repair
We believe that, with our solid plan and thorough knowledge of the electronics repair in-
dustry, our company will be in the perfect location to start our operations in the US, and it
will start operating in the right time. NEWCO, LLC will provide its customers support and
convenience second to none.
Company Ownership
NEWCO, LLC is wholly owned by Mr. John Doe, residing in ANYTOWN, USA.
Start-up Summary
Mr. Doe will invest $10,000 in NEWCO, LLC. He will also invest an additional $5,000
when operation takes off in March Year 1.
Services & Products
The following are the services that will be offered by NEWCO, LLC:
n Smartphone repairs: Apple, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and others n Tablet repairs: Apple,
Asus, and Kindle
n Laptop computer repairs: Apple, Dell, and HP
Marketing Plan
The market potential is huge for our services, evidenced by what appears to be the unstop-
pable growth of the handheld electronics industry. Currently, the telecom industry is among
the strongest growth industries and is responsible for huge gains in the capital markets. The
proliferation of cellular phones is increasing at rates that at one time were unimaginable.
One illustrative example is that it is forecast that within two years over 65 percent of chil-
dren from age of ten to fifteen will have cell phones.
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