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n size 5/16
n size 11/32 n size 3/8
n size 7/16
n precision nut drivers n size 5 mm n size 5.5 mm n size 6 mm n size 7 mm n size 8 mm n
size 9 mm n size 10 mm n size 11 mm n Windex
n microfiber towels
Any specialty tools that are needed per repair
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Workstation Organization
Your workstation is the most important area of the workplace because it is where all of your
repairs will be done. In order to be able to work effectively, you must keep your worksta-
tion organized, clean, and well stocked.
Organization is essential to being able to work effectively. There is no “right” way to or-
ganize your workstation as long as you do keep it organized in some manner. Decide on
predetermined areas for keeping each tool, part, or what have you.
n Make sure you don't have anything in the area that you don't need. If you don't need that
tool right now, put it aside or away.
n Keep anything you need in the area but don't need to work on out of the way. For ex-
ample, if you have your laptop sitting on your work desk to access order information, make
sure the AC adapter is not in the way of your work. Put it behind the desk so that it sits
nicely out of sight.
n Keep the tools you use most often close to you. Each repair requires different tools, but
if you find yourself doing one kind of repair most often, keep those tools closest to you.
Keeping an organized work area will increase your production rate and make working easi-
er. Work smarter, not harder!
Another way to improve your workstation is by keeping it clean. If you make a mess, don't
wait to clean it up. Solving problems as they happen is less stressful in the long run than
waiting until several problems pile up. Don't keep anything potentially hazardous near your
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