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For example, VoIP telephone service is a twenty-first-century invention. VoIP stands for
“Voice over Internet Protocol” and is a technology that allows you to make voice calls us-
ing your own home Internet service instead the old technology of using an analog or “hard
line.” Most VoIP services are seamless in that you can call either other VoIP customers or
analog customers without issue—this includes local, long distance, mobile, and overseas
telephone numbers. This is of huge benefit to you, as VoIP telephone numbers generally
come with a special VoIP telephone that can be configured with a plethora of great features!
VoIP works by transferring the digital signal from your Internet service into a telephone
signal that can come through your home phone. You can make VoIP calls
A New Toll-Free Number!
A lot of new business owners spend a lot of time trying to find the “perfect” telephone num-
ber. You know the kind, “555-TECH” or some other abbreviation or acronym that helps
spell your business out? While this sounds good, consider today's technology.
If you market your new “555-TECH” telephone number on your website, that would be a
great thing. However, many customers will view your website from their smartphone; it's
just a fact of life. And most smartphone users are adept at seeing a telephone number on
a website and selecting it on their screen. The smartphone then will dial the number; you
will want your customers to do this! However, if you've got the number spelled out as in
“555-TECH,” the smartphone will not recognize this as a telephone number and you'll be
requiring the customers to figure it out for themselves. This is a bad thing.
I suggest rather than a fancy “named” telephone number, consider a toll-free telephone
number. In years past, the toll-free number was somewhat of a hassle to deal with but
today's technology makes it easy to get and easy to pay for. The issue with a toll-free tele-
phone number is that it's only toll-free for your customers to call you. It's not toll-free for
you! You will pay for the minutes your customers use calling into your location, but that
can make all the difference to a customer when viewing your company as a whole. It looks
professional and legitimate with the best part being that it will get you more customers.
from your computer, from a special VoIP phone, or even from a traditional phone with the
correct adapter. You can even use VoIP wirelessly from any spot with wireless connection!
Imagine sipping a cup of coffee at a Starbucks while taking business calls.
The equipment you need for VoIP is pretty basic. You will need a high-speed, or broadband,
Internet connection—the whole idea is that you are using your Internet connection to make
phone calls, right? If you use a traditional phone, you will need a VoIP adapter, which starts
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