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allow a large sign to go out in front and it was on a deadend street, so I contemplated the
use of such a building.
It did, however, have a large roll-up door in the back that I envisioned being used by the
pickup and delivery trucks, two premade offices, two bathrooms, a small kitchen area, and
a larger warehouse area that had a concrete floor to help me with me ESD issues. I could
envision technician benches lining the walls, bright lights, and having the ability to receive
walk-in foot traffic in the very large reception area. On top of all of that, the rent was cheap
in comparison to a retail space. In fact, it was about 80 percent less than a retail spot, it had
a shorter lease, water and garbage were included in the price, and it was about eight miles
from my home, which was a lucky break.
My goal was to move into a commercial space within six months of starting my business;
I did it in two. Once I zeroed in on my new space and signed my lease, I was able to buy a
used desk, slide it into one of the offices and begin setting up my business so that I could
have customers visit me at my commercial (professional) location.
Consider Your Future Location
I've now been with the same landlord for over five years. I have expanded my light indus-
trial office space by leasing the units to the right and left of my original space. With a little
build-out, imagination, and luck, I've been able to grow my business while expanding its
real estate footprint with the help of my modular building. Consider the future when you're
looking at leasing a unit for your business. Is there room to grow? Will you need to move
in a year?
my landlord and I have a fantastic relationship and I have proven that I can be a good, re-
liable tenant. This relationship is a great building block for my business as I can use the
landlord as a good reference, and we are both willing to work together, assisting each other
any way we can, to ensure we each have a long-term successful business.
Is there building ownership in the future for me? I'm sure there is, but right now my busi-
ness is benefiting from renting as we continue to grow.
Business Telephone Service
So by now you might be wondering how customers are going to get a hold of you. Snail
mail and e-mail are helpful, but there's certainly no better way for customers to reach you
than via your telephone.With technology these days, there's no better time to explore the
options for using your telephone for business.
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