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nal invoice placed on the outside of each shipment. n Any specialty packing materials that
might be needed.
Shipping Supplies
You're getting closer and closer to being able to start your home-based computer business.
While it may not be practical when you are just starting out, shipping is something to con-
sider once you have gotten to steady ground in your business.
snail mail has been around for hundreds of years. It's simple to package something up, take
it to the post office, and send it off to the destination of your choice. shipping, as well as
taking orders, from across the country is an excellent way to expand your business when
you are ready for that stage.
To get started, you will need an account with a shipping company. Creating a FedEx or ups
account is as simple as visiting the website and filling out a form. Having a shipping com-
pany that you can rely on will make the shipping process much simpler and less stressful.
Remember that shipping rates are negotiable and will also be driven by volume. While you
might not get the best rates to start, it's a great idea to have a monthly meeting with your
representative to address your growth needs and to also renegotiate better shipping rates as
you expand. There's positivity in growing, and getting amazing shipping rates can make
the difference between a winning company and an unprofitable one.
You will also need basic shipping supplies to start. Boxes are obviously a necessity; uline
(among other box companies) offers over 1,700 sizes. most often, you can also buy tape
and tape guns from the same companies you buy your boxes from. However, tape and tape
guns are often sold at stores such as staples or office Depot, if you would rather go that
Last but not least, you will need shipping labels. Labels are completely necessary when
shipping for a business. Tape guns and proper packaging tape are the first step, but labels
give the package a professional feel. It also makes organization and information-keeping
much simpler. You can create custom-made labels through many shipping companies, or if
you give them enough business, FedEx or ups may provide these for you, with the proper
label-making software and a printer!
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