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as wood, rubber, or plastic. make sure all workers who are handling the equipment neces-
sary for your business know about EsD and are aware of the preventive measures that can
be taken. Even take note of the flooring that you're working on. Have you ever rubbed your
feet along a carpet and noticed a small electric shock when touching a door handle? If you
can avoid working on carpet that is ideal!
The bottom line is that EsD can damage the equipment you're repairing even further if you
don't take the proper precautions against it. Don't make your job harder, or even impos-
sible, simply by introducing electricity into the object you are working with. many EpA
materials and objects are inexpensive and easy to obtain.
“Receiving it” counts as the physical receipt of the package from your delivery carrier (i.e.,
you have it in your hands), then in turn it counts as the topic receipt into your inventory
system. A receiving space is just an area where you can collect the daily shipments of pack-
ages ordered so that they can be opened, inspected, counted, and input into your inventory
database. You should keep handy:
1. A sharp box-cutting knife
2. A garbage can for excess packaging material
3. A notepad and pen or pencil
Open each box, remove the inventory, count it, and verify that you received the correct
amounts of each part ordered. The use of the notepad can be especially helpful if you have
a large order in front of you.
An Inventory Space
If you're going to be repairing computers, you're going to need parts in stock to do so. This
doesn't mean that you're going to have every part for every product you service in stock
every day, but you will end up with some inventory, and at a minimum you will need to
store customer units in an area while the repair is within your control. An inventory space
will work well for this.
Think of your inventory space as a sacred location within your business. Inventory is
money wrapped up in products, and if you're storing customer units overnight, that's cus-
tomer money wrapped up in a device. There's a lot of money in inventory, and it needs to
be kept under control and not taken lightly. It will be easy to keep inventory and customer
units separate and under control in the beginning, but once business starts pouring in it can
quickly become a nightmare.
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