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the new order. Being “in the system” will impress the customer, who will feel that you care
enough to keep these details handy. Keeping a good, clean database will make life easier,
so remember to keep that documentation current and correct.
Family Support
Your family's support in the endeavor will be a major consideration, especially during the
first few months of business. There may be school schedules to consider, daycare pickup,
and other daily life activities that you'll want to blend into your home-office business en-
Consider the “professionalism” of hearing a crying baby in the background when you're
on the phone with a potential client. Without question, you're going to want to maintain a
professional atmosphere at all times and call on your family support mechanism to assist
with your personal responsibilities.
1. Discuss the arrangements of your new work schedule with your significant other ahead
of time. It's possible that you may agree to drop the kids at school each day, so plan that
into your business and begin the day at 9:00 a.m. Having the freedom and the ability to
concentrate on developing your business is a necessity.
2. Try to keep your business space separate from your personal space if you maintain a
home office.
3. Plan to adhere to your stated business hours. Be available when your customers call dur-
ing your normal business hours.
Having your family's support will go a long way to developing a professional and reputable
business. This holds true whether you run your business out of your house or out of a com-
mercial location, and knowing that you have your family on your side will provide invalu-
able comfort and peace of mind.
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