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You will find that the demand for professional computer services and repairs is great. The
reason being is that a truly professional business will provide value-added benefits that of-
fer trust and peace of mind to the customer. In my mind, these benefits are actually more
like necessities but will commonly be overlooked by the amateur businessperson.
One of the first virtues of a professional business is being honest. Telling your customers
that you will do something, and then doing it, will carry you to the finish line. Be up front
with your customers—don't lie. If you're caught in a lie, you're sunk. Be honest and in
your case as you start up a business don't be afraid to say that you're “new.” It's a good
way to begin a relationship with a customer and you might find that your eagerness and
openness will start the flow of customers.
Your accessibility will be a key factor in determining your status as a professional. Hope-
fully, you'll have stated business hours and you will answer your business telephone when
it rings during those hours. Personally, when I call a small business during their stated busi-
ness hours and get an answering machine, it doesn't make me feel that they care about me
or their business.
There are some excuses for not answering the phone; however, those anomalies should be
stated confidently on a temporary answering machine recording. If you can't get your re-
pairs completed while being available to answer incoming telephone
Establish Yourself in the Market . . . As Yourself
There I was, running my computer service business, and everything seemed to be moving
along fine and at a pace I could enjoy. I was hiring new employees, about one every other
month, and I was able to keep my local presence and Internet presence in check with one
another. In fact, I started seeing some repeat business from local referrals and my walk-in
traffic was increasing.
I was soon able to run TV commercials, which really sped up my phone traffic and sales.
Then one day a customer came into our service location and said, “I need to speak to Ryan
Arter, the owner.” I was paged by our customer service department and was told about my
When I greeted her she said, “No, I need to see the owner, Ryan Arter.” I stated that I was
the owner, and that I was Ryan Arter.
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