Hardware Reference
In-Depth Information
n A well-strategized website solution
n An experienced team of knowledgeable webmasters
n Internet marketing and search engine optimization
n Website templates, design, and development
n A shopping cart
n Third-party application integration
n Twenty-four-hour support and site maintenance
n E-commerce hosting with nightly backups and redundant systems
Successful e-commerce solutions require clear goals from you, the owner, which in turn
means precise planning and a partner in the e-commerce world who can analyze your needs
and turn them into the face of your business on the Internet.
If you get your information and your goals lined up in an orderly fashion, you too can have
an operating website taking orders for you at all hours of the day.
Designing a Logo
As part of your start-up activities, you're also going to want a logo that represents your new
computer repair business. A logo is a graphic that symbolizes your brand and your busi-
ness. It helps distinguish your business from others. It is essential to your business to come
up with a unique, eye-catching, and attractive logo because it's your symbol—your coat of
arms—and it will remind the public of what you are. It is part of the entire identity of your
Sample Logo
Designing a logo as I did for my business takes some thought and effort. I wanted
something simple, so we chose a round logo, something “green” for the environ
ment, and something that would fit in a small area so it would
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