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you may inadvertently send customers to your competitors if they have similar names
without special characters.
n A Descriptive Name. Use your company name or a description of your service instead
of company initials. People would instantly know what a site called
“www.WorkFromHome.com” is generally about (although they might be suspicious). The
full title is much more descriptive than the acronym “WFH.com.”
Just remember that most web hosting companies and domain registrars let you check the
availability of a domain name and its associated extensions (like .com or .org). Some even
offer alternate versions if the name you searched for is not available.
While you're at it, this is a good time to also get your blog created. What is a blog, you
might ask? A blog, short for “web log,” is simply a discussion by you on an informa-
tion site that resides on the Internet. You may not think that blogging is right for you;
however, I still highly encourage you to secure a blog domain name that matches the
domain name you're using to operate. For example, your domain name may end up be-
ing www.ryanscomputerrepair.com, so you should try to secure blog .ryanscomputerre-
pair.com. You can register the domain name for your blog through a blog-registration site
like Wordpress.com or Blogger.com. Still not convinced? Wait to read more about blogging
later—you'll become a writer before you know it.
Now that you've got your domain name, what do you do next? There are entire businesses
devoted to making websites and determining which style of website is the best. Unless you
have experience in making websites or are willing to learn an entire trade in addition to
your current new venture, I recommend that you find a service or a template that you can
begin with and expand on.
Most domain-name registrars offer domain-name hosting services, websitebuilding ser-
vices, e-mail hosting, and other important website functions. Additionally, there are entire
businesses that offer complete “e-commerce” solutions that bring you a world of options
and opportunities that have very little or no up-front cost. There are pros and cons to each
option, but simplicity might be the key, especially in the beginning.
Most e-commerce solution sites have a common theme. Every e-commerce website wants
to sell, and many are successful. If you go with an e-commerce service you'll want to find
a solution that can craft a unique website to meet your specific needs.
A well-tailored e-commerce solution can bring you the following:
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