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things wrong. Instead, he will make suggestions that will correct my mistakes, which keeps
me feeling confident that he's the right person for my business. Don't be afraid to take ad-
vice from your CPA regarding your topics or taxes. It's his profession. If your CPA starts
to offer advice on how to repair computers, maybe it's time to look for a replacement!
Typical price for a consultation: free to $250.
An Insurance Agent
At some point in the near future, you're going to need business insurance. Most people can
obtain business liability and an entire supplemental menu of insurance options from their
current personal insurance agent.
If your current insurance agent does not provide business insurance options, consider mov-
ing your personal insurance policies to one who does. Not only are insurance companies
looking to provide you with personal, business, and life insurance, some of the bigger in-
surance carriers are also banks. That's right, your insurance agent might have a banking
option and because of low overhead (no physical bank locations), the interest rates can be
the best in the industry.
A Computer
You're going to need a computer, period.
There's no getting around today's technology, and in fact it is that very technology that will
bring you a wealth of customers and business.
The fact is that you won't be able to do research or communicate in the way your customers
will want to communicate with you if you don't have a computer. Computers are very ac-
curate; they don't take lunch breaks and a computer hosting your website will work twenty-
four hours a day.
Now you can use the old computer that you've been using to e-mail your friends for the
last couple of years and that will likely get you by for a while. However, I suggest that you
buy a new one. New technology. New software. Not one that's loaded up with the family
pictures that your spouse may need to “borrow” as your business is operating.
Buying a new computer can be just the motivation that you need to make yourself feel im-
portant and ready for the new venture. There is a lot of discussion out there about which
operating system (PC or Mac) is the best to run your business on a daily basis, and I have
my own opinion on the matter. I suggest that you buy the system that suits your business,
for example if you're going to be offering Mac repair, then you should be using a Mac.
Typical price for a new computer system with basic software: $500 to $1,200.
A Printer
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