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Envisioning the Business
Starting your own home-based computer repair business is your future. Kind of a scary
thought, right? Ask yourself, “What do I picture? How will running this business fit into
my life? What kind of changes must I make in order to allow this business, and my life out-
side of work, to become a balanced success?” Breaking down this huge and intimidating
undertaking can make this daunting task much less scary and much more fun.
Begin with the end in mind. You are starting small with the opportunity for growth in your
future. What is the name of your business, your logo, and your mission? What kind of busi-
ness are you beginning? How will your customers find you? What are your hours of op-
eration? These might seem like basic questions with easy answers, but these decisions are
the heart of your business and your success, and you want to be sure you start on the right
foot from the beginning. The sections in this chapter will help you make these important
decisions while keeping many factors in mind.
Remember, this is your passion and your niche. You can do this. With the support of your
family and trust in yourself and your business plan, you have the start to a great home-
based business built by you. Ask lots of questions along the way, take good notes, talk out
decisions with your most trusted advisers and family, and get excited about your new ad-
Start-Up Considerations
The start-up of a business is the hardest part. There are some easy steps and then there are
some difficult ones. I suggest that you start a checklist and knock off the items in order so
you gain a sense of accomplishment as you move forward.
The first thing I think of when I say or hear the word “start-up” is: How much is this going
to cost?
This is an important aspect of starting your business. You must have some capital to do so.
Capital is money, or cash to be more specific. Additionally, you can use credit cards to help
fund your business, but you won't be able to make every purchase you'll need on a credit
card, so having funding in place is necessary.
That being said, you can start a business on a limited budget. The more cash you have, the
more you can do in the beginning. However, there is nothing wrong with a limited-budget
business start-up. In fact, it can be the smarter way to go. You limit your up-front risk, min-
imizing potential losses until you get established and truly know if the path you've chosen
is right for you.
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