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The concept of a home-based computer repair business brings a broad range of services to
mind. Let's discuss a few different fields of electronics that have a real demand for ser-
vice—specifically in what I call the “handheld” device market. It consists of anything that
a consumer can hold in his hand, and this simple action makes the necessity for service al-
most guaranteed. Remember Murphy's law . . . if something can go wrong, it will. In the
case of consumers, if it can be dropped, it will be.
Provide a Solution to a Problem
I had some experience repairing ipods on the side. As you probably know, the ipod is an
Apple, Inc. product and before I began my repair business, I did a little research on the
manufacturer warranty and what customers needed to do if they ever dropped their device
or cracked their screen.
This led me to a local Apple store, where I spoke to the customer service representatives
about repair policies and what they were authorized to offer to customers with damaged
ipods. I found that they were lacking—and that they only provided high-priced repairs for
“out-of-warranty” service requests, like cracked screens. I had friends who had ipods with
cracked screens and I could see a fit here.
If I could provide a solution to this problem, I knew that I had a good, marketable idea.
I bought a few ipods online and started to take them apart. I found that they could be re-
paired. my next task was to find the parts and begin my business. I knew I had a good idea,
and I knew that I had a direction that I wanted to go in. I picked that Apple ipod market and
my service business grew from there.
When it's dropped, it will need service. Who are they going to call? Hopefully you! When
contemplating your business, and while it's still in start-up mode, it's a great idea to focus
on a niche.This gives you the ability to become the expert in a field and also focus your
marketing efforts to concentrate on a specific market and master it. You will find that there
is a lot of competition in the field, but competition is a good thing. It keeps the playing field
level. It also gives your new business guidelines and structure from the beginning. Assess
your competition, look at what they are doing right, and make it your goal to do it better.
Before you go off and start doing your market research, ask yourself if you have any skills
that might make this process easy to start. Truthfully, you're going to want to make things
easier on yourself, so why not take the time now to narrow your vision and look at a spe-
cific field that will make you happy, make you feel comfortable, and make you the most
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