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are a slave to your business and serving your customers should be the number-one priority
in your plan.
The service business is around to cater to consumers in need who are looking for ways to
make life easier on themselves, and some services are more needed than others.
Unfortunately the service industry can get a bad rap at times. Have you ever visited a car
mechanic and questioned whether or not you really needed that extra thingamajig that he
quoted when you simply brought your car in for an oil change?
At times your customers might immediately put you behind a shroud of mistrust even be-
fore you make a sale. It'll be your job to convince them otherwise.
The computer repair industry is a multibillion-dollar industry and your piece of the pie is
just waiting for you in the market. Your customers will expect the expert (you) to deliver
timely, effective, and budget-friendly services based on your use of sales techniques. This
sounds easy enough, but what I can really boil it down to is:
Do what you say you'll do.
Trust me, at the end of the day your customers won't care about how nicely you dressed,
how impressive your brochures were, or even how great a price you gave them if you botch
the service aspect of your service-based business. You'll quickly be looking for a job in the
open market with a failed business on your résumé. Instead, go into each sale and build
a relationship with each customer and remember to do what you say you'll do. This wins
customers, sparks word-of-mouth advertising, and gives you the competitive advantage.
Customer service is the name of the game. There are so many businesses that follow a
philosophy of “that's good enough,” but when you're trying to make a mark in this industry,
it's never good enough. Does that mean you have to go far above and beyond your custom-
er's expectations? No, but that will help. Truly, excellence is what differentiates a success-
ful, quality business from an ordinary one. Treat each customer as a person; as the salesper-
son for your business, you'll want to give him or her your undivided attention. Really listen
to customers and understand their needs and the potential issues that may arise. You are in
the service business, so be the consummate professional and provide excellent solutions.
Never react in a negative way to any situation, if possible. Remember that to the customer,
you're the “business,” making money from them, so they may feel the “right” to become
angry, demanding, or even insulting. It's your job to stay cool, and a good business owner
can turn these situations around into positive outcomes.
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